Planning for Productivity: Busy vs. Productive

There’s a story of two travelers cruising on the highway:

The passenger says, “I think we’re lost.”

The driver replies, “We are lost, but we’re making great time!”

Productivity is not about doing things faster.  It’s about choosing the right actions (or inactions, sometimes!) to get you where you want to go.  Obviously, the first step is trip planning is to know your destination.

I love helping people get clear on their big picture, by asking how they can be most effective in the different roles they play, at work and at home.  By taking on the habit of exploring possible actions and outcomes, you will be on track to stop chasing after your life, and start leading it.  Imagine that!

If you don’t have these clear in your mind, then just going faster wont help.  You’ll still feel like you’re spinning your wheels.  But, once you have a better sense of the big picture, getting organized and efficient will definitely get you where you want to be sooner.

As a productivity coach, I specialize in helping you get clarity on your own vision, and work together with you to make it happen.  Sound like a plan?  You are one click away from learning more about Productivity That Works.  Go for it!

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One Response to “Planning for Productivity: Busy vs. Productive”

  1. Elizabeth Adams Moreskine said:

    Sep 16, 11 at 18:22

    Love that your post(s) are super! Do you have tapes? I am “starting over”
    at 85! Water colorist, printmaker. Complicated home life but
    not really. Always have thought I was great organizer until now.
    Many many jobs and responsibilities in running house and home are making me feel empty and stymied, running in place. Must change as I have good
    to great health. I’ve made notes from your Goal Setting blog
    and plan on utilizing them. Could surely use a coach. Or tapes
    might address needs? Thanks for a reply!!!!!
    Elizabeth Moreskine

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